Fri. July 19, 2024

Area 11/V Referee Announcements:   (Updated 9/12/17)


  • All Misconduct reports are to be filed online. See Misconduct link under "Referee>Incident Reports" in menu bar.

  • Please help enforce the "No Pet" policy at all AYSO fields. See Service Dog Exception section below for additional information.

  • Please review and ensure the information under "User Managemenr > My Account" is current, complete, and accurate.

  • To signup for games, go to "Referee > Assignment Selector" on the menu bar.


Please refer to the Area 11/v web site for current PDI Guidelines


Service Dog Exception

If you encounter someone at a field with a dog you are allowed to say:

  1. We do not allow dogs at our events.
  2. This facility is posted “no dogs.”

If they claim that the dog is a service animal, you are only allowed 2 other questions:

  1. Is this dog a service animal required because of a disability?
  2. What work or task has this dog been trained to perform?

People with real service animals know of these questions and are prepared to answer them.

If they will not answer these, we can ask them to leave the field.

Please note that there is no requirement for any kind of vest or tag that labels them as a service animal.

There is also no requirement that the dog have and wear a license as the rest of us who are pet owners must comply with.

The person with the service animal is responsible to control their animal.

If the animal becomes disruptive, even a service animal they can be asked to leave.


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